California Waters are Infected!


Whiskeytown Lake uses a “self certification package” for sailors to verify that their vessels have not been in waters where Quagga or Zebra mussels are present, or if they have been in such waters, the boats have been thoroughly dried out and cleaned before coming to Whiskeytown.

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Please print out the Self-Certification Package (or visit It is a three page packet. Page 1 provides information about Quagga and Zebra mussels. Page 2 is a questionnaire regarding your boat, and page 3 is a form which you as skipper need to sign, and display on the dashboard of your tow vehicle when it is parked at the Brandy Creek Marina parking area. The form certifies that your boat will not threaten Whiskeytown Lake with Quagga or Zebra mussels. 

Boat Cleaning Guide Book

Also, please be advised that vehicles need to display a valid parking permit, which can be purchased at the Whiskeytown Lake Visitor Center for $5.00 per day.


Keep Whiskeytown Lake Free of these invaders

California is asking boaters to clean, drain and dry their boats to stop the spread of harmful invasive mussels.

Properly cleaning and drying will also protect boats and help boaters avoid quarantines or being turned away from a water destination.

Quagga and Zebra mussels pose a serious threat to our waters and fisheries. The spread of these mussels threatens recreational boating and fishing, aquatic ecosystems and fisheries, water delivery systems, hydroelectric facilities, agriculture and the environment in general.

Boaters should be prepared for inspections throughout the state designed to help ensure California's water bodies remain mussel-free.

In addition to being sure to clean, drain and dry watercraft, the Department of Boating and Waterways urges boaters to plan for possible launch restrictions and inspections by calling water bodies before leaving home.

Programs and requirements vary and can change rapidly.